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Seventy percent of internet users are using the web to search for products and services they need, and their purchasing decision is greatly influenced by whatever information they found online. If you want to increase the number of your customers, it is best to list your company or your products and services to a business directory.

Nvextory is our online business directory where local or international businesses could upload their business for the world to see what they can offer them. Reach your targeted markets and expand your business by taking full advantage of our website. Nvextory helps businesses to connect with local customers as well as with other local businesses. It is a fantastic way to make the contact information of your business available to millions of people all over the world.

Nvextory serves as the most effective and the cheapest way for your company or business to market itself. With our business directory online, customers can comment and check in your business, ultimately leading an increased number of customers to your business. With Nvextory, it will also become easier for customers to find businesses near their area without any hassle. Our business directory helps professionals find other businesses and assist customers in finding the right company that can cater to their needs.


Nvextory is owned by NVEXCORP that helps every business owner, regardless of the size of their company or the industry they are in, achieve ultimate business growth.

Nvexcorp is a reputable marketing company offering radio, video and internet marketing services to attract and engage with clients. We have a diverse customer base, which include startups, financial services companies. We have helped businesses to reach their goals though the extensive marketing service we offer.

With knowledge, expertise and experience in all media types, we are able to help businesses and companies to attain their marketing objectives successfully. Our customers are our top priority that is why we commit ourselves to delivering only the best services they deserve.

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  • Radio Advertising: Radio is mobile and now, 80% of adults are listening to the radio in their cars and many are listening while they are at work. Thus, radio serves as a great advertising medium, especially for small businesses who want to increase their customers. Our radio advertising service can help your business generate more sales and traffic and eventually increase your profit.
  • Video Marketing: Tell the world how reliable and competitive your company is by taking advantage of our video marketing service. Video marketing will give businesses the chance to interact with their customers by allowing them to know your business and become comfortable with you.
  • Internet Marketing: People have changed the way they obtain information, research services and products, share their experiences and views and make purchasing decisions. If you want to stay ahead of the game, use our advanced internet marketing services. We help our clients generate more leads, increase web traffic and boost sales and revenue through our innovative online marketing service.

 Let people know your business and learn how dependable it is. If you want to bring your business to higher levels of success and establish a great business reputation, take full advantage of the services offered by Nvextory now!


  • La Caye

    35 Lafayette Avenue  2
    La Caye
    Haitianpro I loved this place! I have been to many other Haitian restaurants and this one really surprised me. From the decor, to the service, the food, the restroom, the ambiance......loved it. It had me hooked from the beginning to the end. Although I must admit the sangria was not as great as I had, it wasn't bad; It was ok. I even blogged about it. I will definitely be back! on January 28, 2015
  • La Caye

    35 Lafayette Avenue  2
    La Caye
    Haitianpro It was an amazing atmosphere, good music, professional and great food. I am cheap and I would be willing to spend my money here. It was a great amount of food and authentic. It made me proud of my culture. It brings a good light to Haitians. I even know people who took professional pictures here. I hope it continues. on January 28, 2015
  • Labadee Manoir Inc

    207-13 Jamaica Avenue,  1
    Labadee Manoir Inc
    Haitianpro Best Haitian restaurant in the tri state area! on January 28, 2015

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